Innovation Lab helps companies meet the challenge of change through the identification, assessment and implementation of ideas.

The ILab Process is a business tool that enables small and medium sized companies advance and grow in a changing world devising schemes to answer strategic questions.

  • How can we best adapt and adopt new technologies?
  • How can we improve our administrative processes?
  • How can we improve our sales performance?
  • How do we improve our product range?
  • How do we expand the business?

and more.

The ILab ProcessThe ILab Process provides answers on a project by project basis fashioned to fit into your daily routine with minimal cost. A project occupies 10 hours, is non-disruptive with a practical outcome.

The Process is orderly , managed and generic so once learned can be applied to topics in any business area. Projects are taken forward by a small team of staff, selected by the company, coached by an Innovation Lab professional. The outcome is a feasible proposition with personal skills of the team enhanced.


I Challenge embeds innovation in a company’s culture and the ILAB Process in its systems. The Process is applied to numbers of issues involving employees from diverse departments. The setting up of projects, assessment of outcomes and implementation of final proposals are recorded and formalised to make innovation an integral part of the company’s operation with staff at all levels applying their knowledge, experience and skills to improve performance, design and delivery of profitable developments.


The Rawwater Group works for the oil industry providing contract research and consultancy in the fields of materials science, well technology and water management. It combines engineering with reservoir microbiology to deliver solutions for facilities design, oilfield souring and well abandonment.

Innovation Lab is proud work this most successful company helping it navigate the uncertainties of business growth and technological innovation.

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