The Chocolate Bar

Fry's Milk Chocolate poster

We all love chocolate but who invented the chocolate bar.

Prior to 1847 chocolate was mainly consumed as a drink. In that year the JS Fry and Sons company in Bristol discovered that by combining cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter they could mould a bar of chocolate which was solid at room temperature.

The three brothers Joseph, Francis and Richard who are the "Sons" in JS Fry and Sons. grasped the opportunity and started producing delicious bars. In 1866 they introduced Fry's chocolate cream bars and in 1873 manufactured the very first chocolate Easter egg. During the same period members of the company were responsible for inventing cocoa bean processing plants, water handling equipment and even an improved dock crane. In 1835 they had 16 employees, by 1914 they were the biggest employer in Bristol.

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Ironically, the Fry company which had been incredibly successful in product innovation failed to recognise that innovation was also relevant to its business processes and this led ultimately to its demise and purchase by Cadburys.

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